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Village of Kingston, IL

Village of Kingston, Illinois

101 E. Railroad Street
Kingston, IL 60145


forms, permits and licenses


Form Price
Certified Copies of Official Records $2.00 per copy
Comprehensive Plan $10.00 each
Copies $0.10 per copy
Fax Machine (in or out) $0.50 per page
Notary Free of charge
Police Report $5.00 each
Special Use Permit or Rezoning $500.00 per request plus escrow
Zoning Variation $450.00 per request
Subdivision Ordinance $5.00 each

Simplified Residential Zoning Variation (set back variations-private residences)

$100.00 each
Zoning Map (11" x 17") $3.00 each
Zoning Ordinance with Color Map $15.00 each
Final Plat of Subdivision - Residential $250 + $10 per lot plus escrow
Final Plat of Subdivision - Non-Residential $250 + $100 per lot plus escrow
Preliminary Plat of Subdivision - Residential $10 per lot, min. $250 plus escrow
Preliminary Plat of Subsivision - Non-Residential $100 per lot, min. $500 plus escrow
Annexation $1,000.00 plus escrow
Concept Plan - Residential $250.00 plus escrow
Concept Plan - Non-Residential $450.00 plus escrow
Site Plan - Residential $250.00 plus escrow
Site Plan - Non-Residential $450.00 plus escrow


Building Permit Application - Either email to permits@villageofkingston.org or drop it off in the drop box outside of the Village Hall.

After your permit has been submitted to the Village if you have further questions please contact B & F Construction Codes Services at 847-428-7010


downloadable forms

PDF format
These files are in the PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print them. Please click here to obtain the latest version free from Adobe.

Freedom of Information Records Request Form

Kingston Development Application

Direct Payment Form

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